Customers Reviews

I used mediation in my very complex divorce case. It's a great process that resulted in settlement. During mediation I was directed to Realtor Kathryn Courtney for our real estate issues. She is a pro. All resolved. - Gene
We were married in Pakistan in 2008 and hired Jerry Deutsch to mediate our divorce. We remain friends for the benefit of our child and Jerry helped us do this peacefully.
Shafaq & Sohail
I feel that our divorce was handled very professionally and with warmth from Jerry and Kelly. This is a difficult time in our lives, and these folks made it about as good as it could be.
Outstanding job of marking the best of a worst situation.
Dr. Joe
The following is my opinion: When I decided to file for divorce, I contacted Divorce Center of Fort Lauderdale. This turned out to be the best decision I made and the overall experience was fantastic. From day one Gerald “Jerry” Deutsch (the main man) and his side kick Kelly were super helpful and understanding. They are great listeners and even greater advisors, dipping into their wealth of knowledge and working very effectively. They always return phone calls in a timely manner. I highly recommend Divorce Center of Fort Lauderdale. The process unfolded just like they said it would.
John “Happy Client” Kamprveen


The current “no fault” divorce process in Florida does not require the party seeking a divorce to allege
that the other spouse has been guilty of any improper conduct or “fault.” If either party has been a
continuous resident of the State for at least 6 months the Court has the authority to grant the divorce, even
if the other spouse does not want it to be granted. Other States, with some variance, have adopted the
same “no fault” concept.